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Private Label Manufacturing
We provide full service brand development, from designing your logo to delivering your supplements. An assigned team member works directly with you to create the brand and product that you envision.
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Products available
With years of experience in the industry, our team knows whats important to you. We provide a range of products and services that will exceed your expectations. We are currently making protein, preworkout, BCAA, vitamins, probiotics, fatburners and various powders and capsules.
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Certified Facility
Highest certifications is what you can expect from Trusted Nutrition. Currently holding the following: cGMP, USDA Organic, NSF, NPA and using Kosher and Gluten Free products when requested. We are always striving to improve every aspect of our facility.

A Trusted Fat Burner & Pre-Workout Supplements Manufacturer

Capable to meet all demands with aggressive pricing and industry leading formulation

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Customer Service
Available to answer all your questions at any time, we know the struggle on getting a price or a quick response from production labs. We created a system that works. Finding a manufacturer you can trust isn't easy and starting a new brand or meeting high production demands is even harder. That's exactly the reason we are here, Trusted Nutrition will make it happen!
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Trusted Nutrition will help you create a unique formula based on your end goal. Dosing is essential for efficiency and less can be better with proper formulation. Raw materials are always purchased fresh for new batches to ensure potency and freshness.
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Quality Assurance
Making sure your product meets standards across the board. From label verification, NLEA testing to quality control to the shipment of your product. Every step is as important as the last.
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Brand Image
Logo Design
Label Layout
Material Printing
Brand Trademark
Marketing Material Design
Business Cards Construction


Ingredient Composition
Potency Testing
Supplement Ideas
Signature Formulas
Flavoring of Products
Product Development
Pre-Designed Products


Bottling & Shipping
Bottle Selection
Export Shipping
Packaging Options
Warehouse Storage
Full Shipping Support
Drop-Shipping Services


Supplement Commerce
Website SEO
Gym Guide
Amazon Setup
Customer Service
Business Marketing


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Tablet Compression
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Blister Packing
Powder Filling
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Frequently asked questions by our recent callers.

Trusted Nutrition works hand in hand with dozens of small and large brands, every single one is important! All the products we manufacture are critically tested by our team of experts. We provide samples for approval and will take as long as you need to get it perfect. As a leading manufacturer, meeting volume demands won’t be hard. We have the latest machinery and have over a 300,000 sq ft facility; temperature and air controlled. In addition to basic manufacturing, we have a micro-laboratory and an analytical laboratory, where comprehensive testing is done on all materials and final products.

Depending on what you’re looking to produce (Vitamins, Powder, Tablets), the MOQ will vary. In most cases you will be looking at a 500 – 1,000 bottle minimum, but if you are a new brand with a limited budget we can lower the MOQ.

The price we provide will include manufacturing, bottling and installing labels. Shipping will range depending on your area. If you need help with any steps in between (designer, label printing company, shipping…etc) we will provide you with options or forward you to the proper companies.

Yes we can. Whether you want a Preworkout, BCAA’s, Protein, Vitamines…etc, we can help you design and formulate the supplement for any market. In fact, this is the best part. We love putting together new formulas for our customers, and we’re great at it! We have created numerous products which do very well all over the world.

We work in full confidentiality with all of our customers, so we can not refer you to a specific outlet to sell your product however we can help you do it yourself. From having your supplement on to being a top rated Amazon Seller, we will help you get there. Setting up a basic seller account, creating a website with SEO or filling out an application for a vendor, we will help. We want you to be successful, so we will do whatever it takes to help!

Private Label Confidentiality

All of our customers & contractors are always kept confidential. Contact us today to see why we’re Superior to our Competition